Our Story

The Start of Nordfell

Our Signature coffee - the Nordfell Blend - was originally made just for us, our family, and our friends. It was our answer to the rubbish coffee we were getting in the various subscription services and online stores - we didn't feel that convenience should mean poor quality or bad service. We absolutely love coffee and wanted the best.

For the first Nordfell Blend, we taught ourselves everything there is to know about coffee; we read books, went to tasting sessions and roaster's tours, watched YouTube videos, made phone calls, sent emails, and did everything we could to give ourselves the best possible foundation to begin.

After months of research and experimentation at home, we started working with a master coffee roaster to produce our blend. It was another learning curve but we soon realised we'd created something really special.

Over the next few months, it moved beyond family and friends, to friends of friends, and then to coffee lovers all over the UK. Before we knew it, we'd created Nordfell.

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